SHOWTIME, February 7, 2003

By T. Shertte

... The Lady from the Sea, at St James, was innovative and challenging. The director, Frank Hoerner, cast aside lots of the conventions that weigh down many Ibsen productions. Here we were given modern dress and idiom... and yes, it did work. The performances were mostly terrific. Irene Christ, Godwin Scerri and Jes Camilleri are experienced troupers, but I was also impressed by some of the secondary roles. Well done all around....

The Sunday Times, January 19, 2003

The sea in her soul

Stage directors are often put off by the cumbersome translations mostly available in the past, but now there are recent ones in a contemporary idiom such as Peter Watt's version of THE LADY FROM THE SEA (St James Cavalier) being presented by Actinghouse Productions as their second production...

WEEKENDER, January 18, 2003

A woman's own free will

IBSEN and Chekhov go together for more things than you can easily include in a list. They are the basics, they are difficult, they are a test for any director, they engage you but they require all your attention. Only a very good production can take away some of the burden involved in following the dialogue while trying to breathe in the heavy atmosphere. Actinghouse Productions made it possible to revisit Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea, with direction by Frank Hoerner; Irene Christ and Julian Manduca producing...


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