'This Week' May 4, 2003

Shocking truths

Actinghouse Productions’ Fat Men in Skirts by Nicky Silver, direction Cornelia Crombholz. Reviewed by Zillah Bugeja

Never for an instant was Irene Christ out of role. Her German accent didn’t jar as the voice of whining Phyllis Hogan possibly because she was reminiscent of a Marlene Dietrich type that is still very much a part of our memory... READ MORE

'The Sunday Times' May 4, 2003

A wilderness of monkeys

Review by Paul Xuereb

... Cornelia Crombholz has turned out a strong, tight production that develops from the deceptively playful opening through the rapidly increasing horrors of Act One... READ MORE

'SHOWTIME' May 2, 2003

Been there seen that...

By Pierre Stafrace

... It is a very powerful play, certainly not for the faint-hearted! ... A very clever set and really great performances from Alan Paris, Irene Christ, Edward Mercieca and Pia Zammit. I particularly enjoyed watching Alan dealing so successfully with a part which is far removed from anything I have seen him do before!

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