The Cast


Jes Camilleri
Started theatre nearly 20 years ago. Roles include title role in ‘Hamlet’ by Shakespeare, Yvan in ‘Art’ by J.Reza and Valere in La Bete. Founding member of Theatre Anon for whom he has played in and directed a number of productions. Roles with Actinghouse: Man in Fo and Rame’s ‘The Open Couple’, Arnholm in Ibsen’s ‘The Lady from the Sea’.

Mikhail Basmadjian
Started acting 15 years ago. Roles included Hyllus in ‘Women of Trachis’, Romeo in ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Orlando in ‘As you like it’, Tom in ‘The Glass Menagerie’, Happy in ‘Death of a Salesman’ among others.  Taken part in local television series such as Ghaddi l-Bieb Miftuh, Tlieta kontra tlieta,  Delitti Maltin, Il-Pesta, Angli, Simpatici.

Irene Christ
Worked for 12 years at some of the most prominent German theatres such as Schauspielhaus Bochum, Duesseldorf, Volksbühne Berlin. Founded Actinghouse Productions in 2002. Roles: Miss Julie in Strindberg’s ‘Miss Julie, Eve in Kleist’s ‘The Broken Jug’, and many others. In Malta amongst others: Ellida in Ibsen’s ‘The Lady from the Sea’ and ‘Phyllis’ in ‘Fat Men in Skirts’.

Anthony Ellul
Actor and Director for over 20 years. Founder member of Actor Studio Tigne. In 1998 he set up a local theatre company, Theatre Menz. Roles include McMurphy in ‘One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Mephisto in Goethe’s ‘Faust’, Jake La Motta in ‘Raging Bull: The Jake La Motta Story’ and Matt Poncelet in ‘Dead Man Walking’. He directed the last two plays amongst others.

Pia Zammit
Directs for a TV programme. Started theatre about 12 years ago. Several roles in musicals, such as Rizzo in ‘Grease’, Anita in ‘West Side Story’, Fraulein Kost in ‘Cabaret’ and others. Drama includes ‘The Virgina Monolgues’, ‘A Chorus of Disapproval’ and ‘All’s well that Ends Well’. With Actinghouse: Pam / Popo Martin in Silver’s ‘Fat Men in Skirts’.
  Peter Galea
Trained in Los Angeles. Persued film and television. Directed and acted in his own short film "The Final Act". Performed in 99-seat theatres "Just Play Along," etc. The role of Mercury in ‘Amphitryon’ is his debut in Maltese Theatre.


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