Drama Classes


Actinghouse Productions offers:

- casting (actors and extras)
- research
- to search for locations in Malta
- obtaining filming permits
- contact with costume designer / maker
- make up artists
- making contacts in Malta
- booking hotels / motor vehicles etc.
- contacts with the Maltese media

We are equipped with:
- A digital video camera: Panasonic AG - DVC 30E
- Digital photo camera
- Macintosh workstation: Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
- Rehearsal studio and a meeting room in Valletta

We offer a reliable, quick and friendly service.

Please contact us on info@actinghouseproductions.com
or tel ++356 21 220604 or mobile ++356 7928 1537.


BBC 2 'The Mystery of the Missing Ace', Series 'Timewatch'
Producer: John Farren, Director: Mike Wadding

BBC 2 'Caravaggio', Series 'The Power of Art'
Producer and Presenter: Simon Schama, Director: Carl Hindmarch

Irene Christ and Ben Stuart in
"The Mystery of the Missing Ace"
Simon Schama


BBC 2 in Malta for documentary about Caravaggio

BBC documentary filmed in Malta

Filming of Warburton documentary under way

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